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How To Design Fancy Washroom To Fit The Differently Abled


Designing your bathroom is one thing but designing it to fit those that are differently abled is another. When it comes to differently abled people it is necessary that whatever is designed fits the utmost level of comfort and safety and reassuring stability. The following are a couple of tips to be concerned about when doing so;

Special Layout

Unlike in any ordinary bathroom, one that is designed for the differently abled should be one that is of minimum complexities and very spacious. This is important in order to help them maneuver around things independently. Thus creating a bathroom that is widely spacious and obstacle free is essential. This way the utmost level of ease and comfort is assured to them while also giving them a sense of independence in handling things on their own. In addition to the spacing, when it comes the entering and exiting, sliding doors could be installed in order to ease things further as well. This way you would able to design a bathroom layout that is fit for any nice disabled toilet.

Sink BowlIt should be understood that unlike in usual circumstances, those that are differently abled may not exactly be able to reach to the normal height of any sink bowl. Hence the height of it could be lowered or an adjustable sink could be installed instead, this eases things a lot for those that have been permanently reduced to a wheelchair. 

Shower Area

Showering is another common task that needs a lot of help for those that are differently abled to be a part of under normal circumstances. Hence building a way or mean that is easy for them to use would be something they’d appreciate a lot. This has given rise to many alternatives to serve this purpose and one such alternative is a fold up shower seat. This is a wooden bench that is foldable and is installed directly under the shower, here the showering person has to only sit under it and water would be directed to exactly where he or she is seated. Once they are done it could be folded up back to its original position.

Toilet Seat

When it comes to the toilet seat, adjusting railings or handles to be held on is essential. In addition to that there should also be enough space between the toilet seat and the handle attached onto the wall. It should be set in a way that assures stability, safety and comfort to the person using it.

Differently abled persons are just like anyone else and so should be treated that way too. Just like any person would design a bathroom to fit his comfort, it ought to be done for them as well. This way not only will they feel stable but also independent too!