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Stickers In Holograms Are More Than Just Dazzling

holographic stickers

Too Bright! “When I see holographic stickers, that is my usual reaction. Yet these kinds of brands are more than just pretty and flashy. They will help protect the goods, records, and services and authenticate them. Because of the holographic foil’s prismatic properties, hologram authentication labels are impossible to forge, duplicate, or change.

A hologram, what is it?

A hologram is an artefact that, while it is on a 2D paper, has been printed so that it appears to be three dimensional. For the 3D results, protection labels typically use holographic foil. Small plastic sheeting that has an illustration printed with a laser on it is holographic foil. Then, from several angles, a single image is taken. And all those angles are written onto the foil. The effect is an image that, even though it is flat, looks three-dimensional. Generally, the designs are simple, so they do not have to be very complicated to avoid tampering or counterfeiting, normal or somewhat unusual shapes or text lines.

Why prefer a sticker with a 3D hologram?

A great way of making it stand out on the shelves is to apply a 3D holographic sticker to the product packaging. They not only change the packaging of the products; they also strengthen and raise brand recognition. These innovative and appealing features will complement current packaging and establish a higher perceived consumer value. As well as branding, to fight to counterfeit, custom holograms are made. This makes them very cost-effective authentication features since they can be optically scanned by a device or recreated with a photocopier.

Besides, it takes special and costly equipment to build a 3D hologram sticker, to begin with. To create an equivalent sticker, they often need the original master holographic sticker. Such considerations mean that fraudsters are usually scared off attempting to rip off hologram-protected goods. These are obvious when it comes to the advantages for customers. We have already pointed out that they are an enticing addition to any packaging, and that hologram-protected goods result in a higher value being viewed by the customer. You could not have taken this final consideration into account, though. This allows customers to assume that the maker who used 3D holographic stickers cares for their goods’ real consistency. This attention to detail would improve your brand’s esteem and lead them to accept your goods easily as a high-quality and secure buy.

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