How To Develop A Friendly Working Environment?

Humans can often feel much stressed. Stress is not always a bad thing. People can feel stressed when they do nothing and spend time at home, Children can feel stressed closer to exams or during exams, and employers can be stressed with their employees actions and in return the employees can be stressed with the work load they have. The word ‘work itself is very stressful. Stress relating to work can have negative effects in ones job. This might not help the person concentrate in his work and might even cause him to be less creative and productive. This can affect not only the person at stress but also his family and his friends.

If you are stressed at work and cannot express it at work you try to show it on your family or at the person you love. This might therefore affect your personal relationships as well. High stress levels may be the reason for many heart diseases. Therefore it is the employers or the section manager’s responsibility to ensure that there is a friendly working atmosphere. A friendly atmosphere provides positive vibes in which there will be less stress caused on the employees. There are few alterations one could do therefore to create a friendlier work place.

Placing a fish tank at the working place.

It is proven scientifically that placing a fish tank or a pond with fish in it helps release stress. Watching the movements of the fish and observing the way it inhales and exhales through its fangs helps to calm the mind and this helps largely in reducing stress. This also adds a beauty to the working environment.

Placing a tea pot or a coffee machine.

A busy working day would always provoke a person to have a nice cup of tea or coffee. Having a good cup of tea or coffee helps to boost up the lost energy and work more efficiently. Workers having to move out of the working place just to get a cup of coffee can be really tiring. The best solution for this is having office coffee machines.  

Placing an office coffee machine means workers wouldn’t have to leave their desk during work and even if the work is hectic one can get a little break, go to the coffee machine Melbourne and get a cup of coffee easily.

Using the 5S method.

The 5S method is an internationally accepted method of arranging things in accordance with date, time, colour, importance etc. By using the 5S method at your working place workers would know where the things are kept according to its importance. In case of emergency one doesn’t have to cause chaos to look for a file or a document.